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Veg Fest in Erie?

Hi Lake Erie Vegans!

I’m coming to you today with something a little different!

Hosting a veg fest in Erie has been my biggest dream and goal since LEV has started and I’m looking to have the first annual LEV veg fest this summer! I realize that there was a veg fest in Erie a couple years ago, but LEV's will be better, duh. ;) 

Veg fests are festivals that celebrate all things vegan! At fests I’ve been to in the past, there were guest speakers, cooking demonstrations, yoga classes, animal rescue groups, food, beauty, home, and general health based vendors, kids activities, and much more! Explore Pittsburgh, Lancaster, and New England’s veg fest pages to get a better idea of what one entails if you’ve never been! One of the main focuses of Erie's would be highlighting local vegan friendly businesses of course in Erie, but also NWPA, Ohio, and New York.

As much as I hate to admit it, I don’t know everything nor can I do everything solo. Whomp whomp. So this is where you guys come in! I want to put together an exploratory committee of about five to seven people to discuss the different aspects of putting together a larger scale event in Erie and if it is even logical considering today’s climate. I’m in need of volunteers that are willing to share their expertise and knowledge in organizing and hosting large scale events, have insight on Erie’s policies and laws for events, marketing and advertising, fundraising and general financial understanding. Those that are selected for the committee would join the others in a handful of Zoom calls for round table discussions of ideas and various aspects of organizing such an event. If after these discussions, a veg fest still seems like a good idea, we will move forward! 

I have created a Google form (link at the end) application for those that would be interested in joining in on these preliminary discussions. The application will be open until Thurs., April 1 (no joke!). Those that are selected for the committee, I will notify by April 3 and we will coordinate further from there.

Topics that will primarily need discussing are finance, logistics, marketing, vendors, and COVID concerns. Below is a breakdown of each of those with general aspects that need consideration. 


  • Budget setting and management
  • Fundraising
  • Sponsors


  • Venue
  • Acquiring permits, security, etc. if necessary
  • Crowd sizes
  • Entertainment


  • Creating logos and relevant graphics for ads, swag, etc.
  • Social media and website management
  • Advertising


  • Work to design qualifications for vendors and vendor applications
  • Seek out a variety of vendors

With COVID still being a serious concern, I’m very concerned about putting together a large event for obvious reasons. I am hopeful though that with the rollouts of vaccines, by late summer we will be headed towards more “normalcy,” whatever that means. My highest priority is keeping everyone safe and healthy. So if that means no veg fest this year, I’m ok with that. 

Click here for the committee application!

I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say! I value your thoughts, concerns, and opinions!

-Peace, love, and vegan.
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